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where did the weekend go?

So with my new position coming up I guess they are trying to kill me with as many flights as possible over the past few weeks and weeks coming up. So I decided to see how many trips I’ve had where I had to fly out on a Saturday or Sunday. I decided to go only as far back as June, and this is what I found:Sat Jun 10th
Sun Jun 19th
Sun Jul 10th
Sun Jul 23rd
Sun Aug 6th
Sun Aug 13th
Sat Sep 9th
Sun Sep 17th
Sat Sep 23rd
Sun Sep 24th
Sun Oct 8th

Not to mention the fact that I had a couple muli-destination trips inbetween. Like the one I’m on now. Flew out Sun Sep 9th to Cali. Was there for a few days and now I’m in Denver. I fly home Sat Sep 23 only to fly back out Sun Sep 24th. Ugh.

UPDATE: I now fly home Tue Sep 26th, and back out Wed Sep 27th. Land Friday the 29th just before midnight. QU Reunion in Boston that Saturday, home for a Sunday…then back on the road the next day.

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