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I had a conversation with a friend who was unemployed at the time of this conversation.  She has since found a job, so I figured it was okay for me to post our conversation (with her permission).

Friend:  Do you think it’s my benefit to respond to an employer’s survey about race and stuff after I submit an application?
Me: It’s up to you.
Friend:  I know but its weird how they ask you for this info saying its confidential and only used for certain purposes but I think they use it for hiring purposes to meet whatever quotas they have, and I feel like its a negative since I’m Asian-American, not exactly one of the underprivileged groups.
Friend: It should be based on sheer qualifications and abilities.
Me:  I completely agree, but I’m against affirmative action.  I think best person for the job, always.

To elaborate on our conversation for a quick bit, I believe in hiring the best person for the job, the team, and the company.  I don’t care whether they are white, black, Asian, Indian, male, female, tall, short, gay, straight, or from another planet for that matter.  If you are a good fit and will produce results, that’s the person I’d want for the job.

Later in the conversation, I mentioned to my friend it really didn’t matter if she completed the optional demographic information, because they could probably assume from her name that she wasn’t white.  Right then, whoever reads that resume might try to place a picture with the name.  If they want the best person for the job, they would call her because she is a qualified candidate and would do a great job.  If the person reading the resume wants to profile based on certain ethnicities or races, the it’s probably not a place she wanted to work anyway.

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