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gum packaging

Can someone find me gum that tastes good AND has good packaging?  The two I’ve been going back and forth with are Orbitz and Trident.  The problem I have with Orbitz, is being a guy, I keep the gum in my pocket, and the heat from my body causes the paper wrapper to fuse with the gum, so it’s always a pain to pick it apart when I want a piece.  With Trident, the packaging never really stays shut, so when the package is only half full, I usually end up with 10 little pieces of trident in my pocket.

So I beg of anyone out there reading this…if you know of gum that tastes good, doesn’t melt to paper or fall apart, please let me know.

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Here’s an oldie that I wrote on an older blog, since I’m trying to keep everything in one place now, I figure I would paste it on here.  This is from my previous job:

So a pretty cool thing happened at work today.  I was on a conference call with my CEO, VP of Client Services, Manager of Client Services, and an Account Executive.  The call was with a very important corporate client, and one of their centers that has a few issues with us.  I was sort of a bystander on the call, the VP of Client Services and our CEO led the call. I’m having trouble coming up with the exact word of how I felt after hearing that, but I think I felt vindicated. I just lit up when I heard that.  I enjoy my job as a Business Analyst, or depending on who introduces you, the Product Manager of the Vision application, but my real passion is making people happy.  I write requirements and work with Development to get features in the product that customers ask for.  I don’t mind doing support with the favorites because I know it’ll get done and it keeps them happy.  It’s calls like today that justify going the extra mile for them.

The corporate contact sort of reiterated everything I’ve felt about this company over the past few months.  It all deals with how our support is lacking, and we don’t follow through a lot of the times in calling the customer back.  They even went as far to say how they believe we close support tickets without actually fixing the problem, which I totally agree with.  They went on to explain how there are a lot of people they talk to in support who promise to get back to them and never return their calls.

Then they go, “I don’t know if Mark is still on the call…but our users here really like working with him.  He always is quick to return calls and resolve issues.”

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