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i hate a&p/i heart s&s

So every time I go to A&P I usually have an awful experience and tell myself this is the last time I’m going to A&P.

1.  Their ads are always misleading.  Tropicana OJ for $1.99….then in small small text (with purchase of $25 or more)
2.  They don’t have a large selection.
3.  It’s not S&S, and I love S&S.

So today my friend Lori and I are wondering through A&P.  We spent forever trying to find everything because again, it’s not S&S, and the damn store is just laid out in random.  Finally, we have everything we need except hand soap.  We walk down an aisle, and there is this really sketchy guy smelling the hand soap and making weird faces.  At this point, I begin to tell Lori my story of how I always hate A&P, and every time I leave the store I tell myself I’m never going back…but somehow I manage to find myself returning.

So anyway, nothing too bad has happened yet.  Lori and I decide to do Self Checkout.  I check myself out first, and pay.  Oh yeah, when you do self checkout you still have to see a human being to sign your credit card.  So since there is no one there, I see my receipt spit out at the counter, I grab a pen, sign it, and leave the signed portion on the table.  While I was scanning my items, Lori tried using another self checkout with much difficulty.  She finally gave up and said she’d just use mine when I was finished.

Since I had finished, she started using mine.  The speed at which she was checking out was just unbearable to me, so I told her I would check out for her.  I start scanning the items.  And then, we get to the child’s size Q-tips that she bought.  And I scan them.  And the machine scans it, and I place it in the bag.  And then machine says “Please place item back on scanner”  So I take it out of the bag, and wave it like a mad man on the scanner, trying to get it to re-scan.  Finally, some 15 year old employee comes over and says “No no no, just let it sit there for a minute”  So I place the kiddy q-tips on the scanner, and just stare at Lori.  About 45 seconds go by, and I ask the 15 year old if I can pick it up yet.  He replies “Actually I don’t know what I’m doing….”  So finally he goes, “Just put it in the bag.”  And then I continue to scan more items…Lori, the trooper that she is, was my bagger.  So as she is bagging the items, she is taking the bags off the bag table thingy and placing them in the carriage.  Each time she does this, the store thinks we’re shoplifting, and the machine goes “Please place your bags back on the table.”  And then the 15 year old has to bypass the system so we can scan more items.  This happens about 5 or 6 times.

Finally it’s checkout time and the 15 year old is nowhere to be found to verify Lori’s credit card.  So I sign it for her, and we walk out.

Moral of the story:  Stop and Shop rules.

Side note:  She got Q-tips for free.

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