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before i write this, i guess i should first mention that with small things in life, i am definately one to procrastinate.  i’ll put off the haircut for a few days…or maybe get that oil change next weekend.

but when it comes to the bigger things in life, things that are more important, your health for example, why wait until january 1st to begin?  one of the things i love about having my new position at my job is that i have more time in the evenings.  and i didn’t wait until january to take advantage of it.  i wanted to get back into working out so i started in november.  one of the great things i can say now is each day i feel like i am in the best physical shape of my life.  i feel great.

so i guess when it comes to your events in your life, why set a date in the future to get started?  why not get started as soon as you can? the longer you wait, the longer it’ll take to reach your goal.  don’t put off the old, ‘i’ll quit smoking in 2 months’ or ‘i’ll ask that girl out next week’ or ‘i’ll call my father this holiday’.  sometimes events in life don’t wait for you and you may never get another chance.  just my two cents for the day.

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