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Conclusion and Final Thoughts

This is the conclusion of the in-depth review of the book:  48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller.  To read the previous chapter, follow this link: Chapter 11:  Sunks, Rags, and Candy Bars

A good story I enjoyed from the conclusion described how eagles teach their babies to fly.  An eagle’s nest is created with thornbush strands.  On top of the strands are leaves and feathers to create a nice cushion and mask the fact that there are thorns underneath.  As the baby eagles grow up the parents start to remove some of the leaves and feathers.  The parents leave morsels of food just past the nest, forcing the eagles to move closer and closer to the edge.  Eventually the baby eagles will have to leave the nest and learn to fly.

The author concludes the book by reminding us we should always keep learning.  Technology is moving too fast, and things we’ve learned not too long ago may already be obsolete.  Moreover, we can always learn new skills and abilities to do any job better.

Following the conclusion is a great collection of sample resumes, introduction, cover, and follow up letters, additional reading suggestions, and helpful web links.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed reading this book.  There really wasn’t a chapter that I thought should be skipped.  The beginning of the book is all about discovering yourself.  The middle of the book describes the process.  The end of the book motivates the reader.  I thought the religious undertone seemed awkward at first, but it mixed well with the book.  Even if someone is not religious, the meat of the book revolves around the steps anybody should take.

I would highly recommend the book to anyone looking to jump-start their career.  Even if one is content with their current job, this book may be the advice someone was looking for to make the jump from good to great.

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